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Day 9 – Grey Shirt Day – Round 2

I remembered. We’ll see if jchang did as well…

Day 2 – Grey Shirt Day – Round 1

Khom FTW! Although, jchang’s jetlag from his adventures in China is a semi-reasonable excuse. Sorry, no picture. I think I’ll try to use PhotoBooth for next week’s “proof”.

Hello and Goodbye

Hi. I’m khom. For a few reasons, I’ve decided to leave my ridiculously awesome friends at Intuit, and move to Google. Without violating an NDA, I’m going to report on my expierinces at the Googleplex as I attempt to stand out in a sea of brilliant people. And yes, I realize that I’m already a traitor by using WordPress over Blogger, but “khom” was already taken there, which is totally unnaceptable.

As an added bonus, I’ll also be playing Grey Shirt Day here on Tuesdays by posting a picture of myself holding a current newspaper or other means of verifying the date.¬†Grey Shirt Day is a game played exclusively by myself and my good friend jchang. It used to be much easier when our desks were adjacent, but now I’ll be playing remotely. The rules are simple: Every Tuesday, you wear a grey shirt, preferably the grey shirt (I lost mine a few rounds ago, and so I’ve been playing with my backup). If you remember and the other person forgets, you win. Else, it’s a tie. To summarize, you need the XOR to be true FTW. Good luck.