Android Emulator with Google Play Store

  1. Download and extract the Android SDK.
  2. Connect your physical Android phone via USB.
  3. Download apk files. Note that Phonesky.apk may be called Vending.apk on older phones.
    $ for file in GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk Phonesky.apk; do sdk/platform-tools/adb pull /system/app/$file; done
  4. Unplug your Android phone. This prevents error: more than one device and emulator when copying the apk files.
  5. Start the emulator, replacing <avd> with the name of your avd.
    $ sdk/tools/emulator -avd <avd> -partition-size 384 &
  6. Copy apk files (after emulator starts).
    $ sdk/platform-tools/adb remount && for file in GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk Phonesky.apk; do sdk/platform-tools/adb push $file /system/app; done
  7. Open the Play app and log in with a Google account.

I used apk files from a Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and Google Play Store version 4.1.10. My avd is Android 4.2.2 – API Level 17 Intel Atom (x86).
Android AVD Settings


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8 responses to “Android Emulator with Google Play Store”

  1. Keith says :

    This works great until you stop/start the emulator. Any idea for “repairing” it after an emulator restart?

    • Kris Hom says :

      You can enable the snapshot feature in the AVD settings to preserve the store after a restart. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to use snapshots with GPU acceleration.

  2. Ahmed Adly says :

    Can u upload the 3 apk files as every time i get certificate error

  3. rakesh says :

    hi Kris, when i type emulator in cmd prompt, its says “emulator is not recognized as internal or external cmd “. can u pls help me….

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