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Day 9 – Grey Shirt Day – Round 2

I remembered. We’ll see if jchang did as well…

Day 8 – Return of the Micro Kitchen!

This morning I went rummaging through the nearest micro kitchen and was delighted to find regular and peanut M&M’s, Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies, Famous Amos Cookies, diet/regular RedBull and tons of Starbucks iced coffees. I was almost maintaing a constant weight for a bit there, but now it’s climbing steadily once again. Good thing today is tennis day.

I’m counting calendar days instead of weekdays, since I have a tendency to work weekends and also don’t want to do a seven-fifths conversion to figure out how long I’ve been here.

So far my experience at Google has been basically this: Here’s all the food you could ever eat, whatever hardware and software you desire, and the project of your dreams. Have fun.