Day 5 – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

I managed to make it through week #1. Here are some things I’ve learned this week that I can mention without getting fired:

  1. Riding bikes in flip flops can be tricky and dangerous.
  2. I’m gonna need more massage credits.
  3. U-turns are illegal in Canada.

Also of note are the Toto toilets:


It’s essentially a personal, upside down carwash. The buttons on the bottom let you control water temp, seat temp, and dryer speed (depends on the model). As as semi-germaphobe, I try to minimize how much I actually interact with the panel, which means accepting whatever temp settings are configured there. I’m ok with warm water, but not when someone has cranked up the seat heater. A warm seat gives me the impression that someone was just there, which is creepy.

Presumably, that pink Front Cleansing button doesn’t get a whole lot of use over in the guy’s bathroom. This sort of makes me want to press it, but I suppose that could end tragically.

The next version of this thing should have bluetooth so I can dial in my desired settings from my phone. Then it can just remember my preferences and re-send them for subsequent uses so I won’t have to touch anything. Add wifi and there could be some interesting stats collection. You could then write a pretty sweet dashboard on that data by aggregating average water temp, peak usage times, power consumption, cost per use, cost per user, etc.


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