Day 4 – ¡Andalé!

At some point Pacific Cafe was turned into an Andalé! Delicious made to order burritos, tacos, and even horchata, just like at a regular franchise location, except for the not-paying part. Supremo burrito with carne asada was pretty delicious.

I also got a smoothie at Slice, which is kinda like a Jamba Juice, but isn’t an actual franchise like Andalé.

Although the cafe scene seems to have been consitently growing, the legendary micro kitchens are not quite as good as they used to be 😦 Gone are the days of Bawls soda, Smartwater, M&M’s, and mini Ben & Jerry’s. The remaining items include healthy snacks, cereal, milk, soy milk (yay), string cheese, yogurt, teas, sparkling and/or flavored water, bottled root beer, soda cans, Propel, maybe a RedBull, and the occasional Starbucks iced coffee. Ok sure, nobody’s starving, but I can’t help but remember the first time I saw one of these things back in their days of caloric glory. Thankfully, you can still get Naked juice in the main lobbies.

Update: I found M&M’s, IT’S-ITs, and beef jerkey. Hurray!


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